How to get the best from frameless pool fencing

Since the introduction of rules and regulations in the Queensland area demanding that homeowners use fencing around their swimming pools, and tightening up the laws concerning existing fences, pool owners in the surrounding area have needed to pay more attention to the type of frames and fittings that exist around the pool. One of the most popular ways of protecting the swimming pool area, while still retaining a sense of style or elegance, is through the use of modern materials such as glass. Glass can be very defensive when used as a fence, particularly when using specialist tempered materials and high quality frames, but it also retains its elegance, so that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic style in order to satisfy the demands of Queensland legislators. In order to get the best out of your frameless pool fencing, there are some steps that you should take.

Have a clear design in mind

If you are planning to install glass fencing around your swimming pool, you have to have a clear layout designed before you make any purchases. You need to know exactly how each panel of glass will be laid out around your pool, how the glass will be fixed to the ground, and whether you will be using other structures such as low walls to accompany the glass fence. All this will give you a good idea of how much you need to spend when purchasing glass frameless pool fencing for your own swimming pool area. A clear design will also allow you to be creative, and then to have a clearer design plan in place once you are refining the details.

Use professional fencing installers

When you have a great design that you are really interested in, you may want to do everything by yourself, including the fitting of the fence pieces. However, when you are using glass frameless fencing, it is very important to take a step away from the process, and make sure that the fences are fitted by professional teams. They will know how to handle the glass, and how to turn it so that it looks fantastic, so they can install it to a much higher standard than a DIY job. In addition, they will also know details such as how much room to leave between the frameless glass supports in order to allow for settling and some minor flexing of the materials.